52 days ago

Countdown super insects cards

Hayden from Johnsonville

Hi everyone,
My little sister has most of a set of super insects cards but still needs some more to complete her set. If anyone has any double ups, could they please let me know as my sister would be keen to swap for the cards she needs.

My sister is looking for the following cards:
2, 4, 8, 15, 17, 32, 40, 43, 71
top middle - butterfly
centre - grasshopper
top middle, bottom middle, centre left - weta

Cheers, Hayden.

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8 days ago

Favourite foodie finds

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your favourite foodie finds on your travels through NZ. Have you come across a particularly amazing cafe, bakery restaurant or food truck? Had an especially delicious pie, burger, sandwich, smoothie bowl or cronut? Been to what must be one of the country's best fish and chip joints? Or been pleasantly surprised by a town's food scene? Please share the details below and include 'NFP' (not for publication) in your comment if you don't want it included in an article. Cheers.

1 day ago

Has the time come for water metering in Wellington?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington is rapidly running out of water and water meters may be the only solution.
Water meters in every house and daily water-use reports will be necessary for Wellington to avoid drought-like water shortages.
A new Wellington Water report prepared by Ernst Young and Beca recommended the region adopt a $144 million advanced metering infrastructure, with daily water consumption feedback and leak alerts provided to residents via a smartphone app.
The report warned leaks and over-consumption could put the region’s water stock under severe strain, and potentially cost hundreds of millions to fix.
At the current rate of water use and population growth, the amount of water needed to meet drought resilience water levels could exceed supply by as early as 2026.

1 day ago

socialising/going out for women 45plus

Iris from Johnsonville

Would you like to socialise a bit more,go out occasionally... Friendly,open minded women 45 plus.
I am 61 but young at heart. I am going to The Christmas Show,Bats Theatre. Would you like to come along?
(Dec.3-12,6.30PM) Cheers, Iris