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Neighbourly makes it easy for you and your neighbours to build a stronger, safer and friendlier place to call home.

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Neighbourly Leads

What is a Neighbourly Lead?

Neighbourly Leads help make Neighbourly a great resource for their local community. They help Neighbourly grow and run smoothly in their suburb.

Leads are an important part of the Neighbourly team, so they have some elevated privileges on the site including reviewing inappropriate and flagged messages and being that important link between the Neighbourly team and your local members.

There’ll also be other Leads in your community to assist and support you as you go!

Would I enjoy being a Neighbourly Lead?

Do you…

  1. Enjoy using Neighbourly?
  2. Hope to see more neighbours in your local community sign up?
  3. Generally spend 5-15 minutes a week on the site?
  4. Feel enthusiastic about your suburb / local community?
  5. Want to help make a difference in your community?

… then please consider becoming a Neighbourly Lead for your suburb alongside dozens of other keen locals around the country!

What does a Neighbourly Lead do?
  1. Welcomes new members (e.g. by pressing the ‘welcome’ button, and perhaps sending them a brief private message)
  2. Is available for members to ask questions about the site (remember the wider Neighbourly team are always here to support you)
  3. Enjoys posting interesting / helpful local information
  4. Spreads the word about Neighbourly in their local community
  5. Removes inappropriate messages when / if they arise (or alerting these to the Neighbourly team)

Become part of a national community:

We’re excited to already have hundreds of enthusiastic Neighbourly Leads across the New Zealand. Ultimately the Neighbourly team hope there will be two or three Leads in every suburb, so that’s a lot of Leads!

By becoming a Lead - you can connect with other Leads by using the ‘National Leads Forum’ and will have access to the Leads resource Kit - packed with lots of useful tips and tricks to help your Neighbourly community thrive!

How do I become a Lead?

By simply nominating yourself for the role! This is the way that most members become a Lead for their community. Just use this form and share a little about yourself.

Leads are also sometimes added by an existing Lead or through a recommendation to the Neighbourly team.

How to contact your Neighbourly Leads

To contact your Neighbourly Leads on a web browser:

  1. Visit your Neighbours Directory
  2. Click the Leads tab
  3. Click Message
  4. Type your subject and message
  5. Click Submit

Your Neighbourly Lead will do their best to respond to your message within 24 hours.

Please note: We are currently developing Lead features for our iPhone and Android apps and these will be available soon.