35 days ago

Looking for Smeg knife stickers

Hayden from Johnsonville

Hi everyone,
Many thanks to the couple of people that have given given me some, we are getting close and just need a few more to get what we are after.
If anyone has some spare New World Smeg knife stickers they could pass on or swap for Countdown e-stamps.
Cheers, Hayden.

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1 day ago

What's your experience with pre-fabricated homes?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is looking into the rise of transportable/ kit-set/ pre fabricated homes. The upsides are build-efficiency, quality of design, and cost. The downsides appear to be land supply, red-tape with council and difficulty getting lending from banks. If you're willing to share your experience - good or bad - email kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz, otherwise leave a comment. Is there an aspect of transportable housing you'd like us to enquire about for you?

8 hours ago

Poll: Do you have confidence in Mayor Andy Foster?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

There are increasing calls for an independent review of the way Mayor Andy Foster is performing.
On Wednesday he announced an independent review into the governance of elected members.
There have also been calls for the the Auditor-General to investigate Foster’s eleventh-hour proposal to sell part of the Wellington library building.
Do you think he is doing a good job?
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Do you have confidence in Mayor Andy Foster?
  • 26.7% Yes
    26.7% Complete
  • 59% No
    59% Complete
  • 14.3% Not sure
    14.3% Complete
105 votes
2 days ago

Real estate agents

Craig from Tawa

On our letterbox are two signs: NO JUNK MAIL and ESPECIALLY NO REAL ESTATE JUNK MAIL.

And yet, Tommy's Real Estate see fit to deliver their TRASH into our letterbox.

To Tommy's – go and grub for your cheap money somewhere else.

To everyone else – AVOID Tommy's – they're too stupid to even understand the sign on my letterbox.