79 days ago

Stalker PC game for sale

Hayden from Johnsonville

Hi everyone,
The case and disk are in great condition with only minor scratches that doesn't affect the usability of the disk. Was made for older versions of windows but runs fine on my windows 10 laptop, may need to run it through compatibility mode which is very easy to do.

Game description:
In 1986 the world shook with the force of the largest nuclear accident ever. Twenty years later the repercussions are only just beginning. New life breathes new terror into an environment of fear and an invisible enemy reveals the true face of violence. Welcome to a world of mutation and montrosity where no man's land becomes one man's land.

Welcome to Chernobyl. Where man made hell.
- Begin your descent into the huge and twisted hell of a post nuclear Chernobyl.
- Attempt to survive the radioactive hazards of the zone using combat, stealth, trading and communication.
- Scavenge hunt and shoot your way through the vast challenges of multiplayer via LAN or online.
- Encounter the dark mutated threats of an open world teeming with artificial life governed by real world physics

Price: $20

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12 hours ago

Looking for owners of missing cat

Laura from Khandallah

I found a cat in my backyard and I was wondering if might be a missing cat.
Please get in touch

4 days ago

Where are you renting?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Trade Me's latest figures show Wellington's median rent has topped $600 for the first time. But if you go further afield it's not much better, with the region sitting at $580, and areas like Upper Hutt, Porirua and Kāpiti Coast seeing huge increases in inquiries. Where are you choosing to rent these days?

13 hours ago

Poll: Should Glanmire Rd's notorius blind corner be altered?

Ana Maea Chitara from Newlands

Let's face it folks, that corner's dangerous. It's blind, and the number of cars parked on the outside curve means uphill traffic often crosses into the path of downhill traffic to get around.
It's so bad that the recent new seal has been torn up badly right where downhill traffic would hit the brakes.

It's perfectly legal to park there, but should a section be kept free for traffic? Does Wellington City Council need to look at it?

(Thank you the silver blur that didn't even bother to brake when they met our blue truck coming the other way (northwest) on that curve between Link Rd and Robert St. I'm sure the neighbours heard the screech of our tires perhaps 10.15am sun 26/01.)

Should Glanmire Rd's notorius blind corner be altered?
  • 100% Yes, broken yellow the outside curve
    100% Complete
  • 0% No, those 3 parks are needed
    0% Complete
  • 0% Not worried
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7 votes