51 days ago

Taunton's Fine Homebuilding Magazines

Jenny from Titahi Bay

One of America's best magazines for those building and renovating their homes.
19 back issues 2006 - 2009

All in excellent condition.

Price: $25

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1 day ago

Have you resorted to cutting your own hair?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

For many New Zealanders, there's never been a better time to give themselves DIY bangs, a drunken bowl cut or partial shave of the head.
But worried stylists across the country are preparing for the hair-pocalypse when salons reopen. Have you resorted to cutting your own hair? How did it go?

4 hours ago

Leaves building up? Grab the broom

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

The weeds are beginning to show between the cracks outside Te Papa. The flowers at Lady Norwood Rose Garden have seen better days. As the second week of lockdown comes to an end hints of a more-wild capital are beginning to show. Mayor Andy Foster has asked people to clear leaves in gutters outside their homes as council focuses on essential maintenance.

3 days ago

Wash produce with soapy water and rinse thoroughly?

Grant Neighbourly Lead from Johnsonville

Two conflicting statements from the government follow. The first was broadcast on Neighbourly recently:
www.neighbourly.co.nz... states: 'Take out produce when you get home, and wash first in soapy water to protect against the virus, then rinse to remove any soap residue wipe down packaged goods with a soapy clean towel, then dry.'
BUT on the covid19.govt.nz website the advice for produce is different:
covid19.govt.nz... states: 'for any fresh produce it is always a good idea to rinse them off with clean water, although using soap, disinfectant or detergent is not recommended as this could affect the taste and may cause stomach upsets.'

I flagged the Neighbourly post because of the conflicting information and asked the Neighbourly Team to verify which version is correct and hopefully get the government to fix whichever source is wrong!