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Do you support banning cars from the central city?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington City Council is considering a plan to ban cars from the inner city by 2025.
A Notice of Motion by councillor Tamatha Paul is understood to have gained the support of a majority of councillors and will pass at a council meeting on Thursday.
The motion commits the council to pursue a fossil fuel-free centre city and asks for council officers to write a report investigating how the policy could be applied.
While details would be ironed out by council officers, Paul said she hoped for a ban on all private vehicles in key inner-city streets, with only electric delivery vehicles and buses allowed

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Monsoon Poon not planning name change despite criticism

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

The owners of popular eatery Monsoon Poon have no plans to change the restaurant’s name, widely interpreted as a reference to female genitalia.
Monsoon Poon’s owners Nicola Richards and Mike Egan (pictured), say there was never any intention for the restaurant’s name to be taken as a derogatory or racist term.
Richards said “at no point” had that been the intention, and it was not how the word was interpreted by the business owners.
“You will find that Poon is a very common Chinese and Korean surname, and we simply thought it worked well with the word ‘monsoon’,” she said.
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Shortland Street the Musical

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Whether you love, hate or have never seen Shortland Street, a new capital stage performance of the beloved and bemoaned soap opera is sure to capture hearts.
Shortland Street the Musical will be performed at Gryphon Theatre from April 20 to May 1.
Produced by Kauri Theatre Company, the show has a storyline based on the television series’ original characters, including Dr Hone Ropata and Dr Chris Warner, who are respectively played by John Palamo and Jake Elston.
Like many shows, Kauri Theatre’s production of the musical was originally scheduled for May 2020, but Covid-19 meant it had to be postponed to this year.
Shortland Street the Musical, Gryphon Theatre, April 20 to May 1