Tawa & Linden Plunket Toy Library

Community Organisation

Tawa & Linden Plunket Toy Library
2 Linden Avenue
Wellington 5028

The Tawa-Linden Plunket Toy Library was established in 1999 and is a sub branch of Tawa-Linden Plunket. We are a non profit organisation which provides quality toys and puzzles for families to borrow, mostly for children under 5. We belong to the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand. We are run fully on a volunteer basis. You can find Tawa Linden Plunket Toy Library at the Tawa Linden Plunket Rooms, 2 Linden Ave, Tawa. Our session times are Saturdays from 1-2.30pm. If you're interested in joining or helping us out, please come and see us :)