340 days ago

Modern 3-bedroom home to rent, Clouston Park

Matt from Pukeko Rental Managers - Hutt Valley

You don't have to move miles out of town to live in a modern house. This awesome 3-bedroom property in Clouston Park is close to everything. Please get in touch to arrange a viewing.

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1 day ago

How is your pet reacting to you being around all the time?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Coco follows her owner round the house all day, Buster has started barking at strangers, and Rover has already been walked by every member of the family today. Twice. Dogs are overjoyed to have humans home 24/7, but they're sensitive, and during times of human stress need special care. How are your pets coping?

5 minutes ago


Nicole from Birchville

While walking around the neighbourhood to curb the boredom recently I noticed lots of little pieces of plastic &metal lying on the footpaths and in the gutter. Today I decided to take a bag & a glove on our stroll in case I saw anymore...we only walked about 2kms & after 1km this bag was full!! 😔👎 I'd love for this to catch on across NZ, how about we all try it while we're strolling our streets? #tidyourneighbourhoods #covid_19 #dailywalks #stayinyourneighbourhood All you need is a bag/bucket/bowl & a glove, you could even put those empty bread bags to use! 🤞 @ Birchville

6 days ago

Filing Cabinet - FREE

Michael from Pinehaven

Large, light brown 4 drawer filing cabinet in very good condition.
Size 1.42 metres high by 46cm wide.
Some dividers go with cabinet.