120 days ago

Neighbor behaving badly !

Marie from Howick

So today my neighbor plowed in reverse through the fence in between our properties narrowly missing my daughters car, to my disbelief he then checks the back of his car for damage and just drives off and goes about his business leaving the broken fencing panels across our driveway blocking our cars in.
He does return a short time later, but no acknowledgement of the destruction he has just caused, no apology, no attempt to rectify the situation in anyway, just ignoring the fact and walking away.
So I asked him so what are you doing about the fencing his reply was "well its rotten anyway". ( rotten or not WTF... )
I said to him you will need to make arrangements to have the fencing moved as it is blocking our driveway / car, his reply was telling me
"well you FN move it then", both rude and uncalled for.
Not very neighborly thats for sure.
Sadly I ended up having to get my son to help me lift the pieces back over, a bit of a struggle but we got there.
I did notify the police and the landlord.

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4 days ago

'We are so sad': Parents of missing French teen Eloi Rolland search for answers in NZ

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

French teen Eloi Rolland, who has been missing in Auckland since March 2020, told his family he wanted to bring them to New Zealand.

More than two years after his disappearance, his parents Thierry and Catherine Rolland have finally arrived from France.

They do not know what happened to their son, and they’re desperate for answers.

“We don’t know what’s happened,” Catherine said. “We realise he is perhaps in another place.”

But the couple remain hopeful that Eloi is alive and well and said they would always be there for him.

Click 'read more' for the full story on Stuff.

12 hours ago

Singer of Songs, Mr Wayne Anderson, guest DJ on East FM, Saturday from 3pm

Phil from Farm Cove

One of the big voices of the NZ music scene, Mr Wayne Anderson, the legendary southside Singer of Songs, returns to guest DJ on tomorrow’s She’ll Be Right on Saturdays Show with PJ Taylor, from 3-7pm (NZ time), May 21, on East FM.
It’s been a while since Wayne last brought his enthusiastic energy and extensive knowledge of music to the East FM airwaves and on Saturday he’s putting in the spotlight four of the biggest name groups in rock n’ roll history: The Beatles, Hollies, Abba, and Rolling Stones.
The She’ll Be Right Show on Saturdays Show with PJ beams out of East FM, East Auckland’s vibrant community-powered public service radio station, on 88.1FM and 107.1FM on local frequencies, nationally and globally at www.eastfm.nz... and on app iHeart Radio.
She’ll Be Right - it’s all about the vibe; it’s all about the groove. And this Saturday we’re playing selections of the Singer of Songs. – PJ

14 hours ago

Pink Shirt Day

NumberWorks'nWords Howick & Pakuranga

In Aotearoa New Zealand, Pink Shirt Day works to create schools, workplaces, communities, and whānau where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected. At NumberWorks'nWords, we do not tolerate bullying and strive to cultivate healthy learning environments, where students can be themselves and thrive.

Support Pink Shirt Day and say NO to bullying!