34 days ago

How did the $1.2m supercar race leave Auckland?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, The V8 supercars race costs Auckland ratepayers $1.2m and is the city's most-publicly-sponsored major event. So how did it suddenly end up shifting from its Pukekohe home to Waikato's Hampton Downs? Read the story below:

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5 days ago

Honestly Maths

NumberWorks'nWords Howick & Pakuranga

You solve one problem and you are faced with the next!

1 day ago

Someone is "illegally?" using 93.4MHz in Howick

Tony from Howick

As a family, we enjoy listening to The Breeze on 93.4FM.
However, near the intersection of Wellington and Picton Streets, this frequency gets overpowered by someone transmitting on about this same frequency - because 93.4MHz is registered to The Breeze (Auckland), I am sure this must be illegal? If nothing else, this is a tad annoying as we have to switch our radio off or change stations every time we are in the area!
It will be appreciated if someone can please look into this?
Many thanks.

5 days ago

Should Auckland Council execs get ATHOP cards instead of carparks?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland Council is looking to reduce the number of ratepayer funded carparks enjoyed by senior managers. It's down from 77 to 49. Is the council right to consider offering ATHOP cards instead? Read the story below: