39 days ago

Racist comments by Auckland local election candidate John Subritzky surface

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Eastern Courier

Hi neighbours,

A man running in the local body elections has been exposed using racial slurs on Facebook.

Do you think he should continue running?

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4 hours ago

WANTED: Home for lovely young cat

Gaie from Dannemora

This lovely boy (maybe 2 yrs old according to vet) has had a bit of a rough time but after veterinary care is much brighter and perkier and looking for his for-ever home. He's bright, playful and not small. Needs adult care & attention in my opinion. Can you help? Please PM me.

4 hours ago
1 day ago

vehicles parked on roads

Joanne from Pakuranga Heights

just been reading that a car hit a parked truck yesterday and someone has died that is very sad, but there are so many vehicles parked on the
road these days,a lot seem to have a space to get them off the road
but don't use it, A lot of streets get down to being 1 lane,
I have contacted AT about parked cars too near the corner, blocking vision,facing wrong way only way they are interested is if car has no
rego or wof,
new housing brings more cars,but a lot don't need to park on the road
I said to a AT person a few weeks ago why wait till someones killed
hopefully now council will look at this issue and come up with a solution