115 days ago

East Auckland efforts to protect wildlife recognised

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Eastern Courier

East Auckland is being recognised for its efforts in protecting the environment from pests and disease.

The government has named Howick schools and the Howick Ward as finalists in the 2021 Biosecurity Awards.

Howick Schools Moth Plant Competition saw students collect 90,000 moth plant pods and seedlings to improve biosecurity outcomes.

Pest Free Howick Ward saw teams work with the community to catch pests and plant around 40,000 native plants.

Auckland Airport has also been nominated for creating a biosecurity culture and team to strengthen border biosecurity.

Winners will be announced at a Wellington dinner in February 2022.

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11 hours ago

Are you happy about the loss of 8,000 planted native seedlings?

Todd Niall Reporter from Community News

Kia ora Neighbours, A contested decision by politicians on the Upper Harbour Local Board to mow down 8,000 native plants and young trees, could bring a hefty bill. Council staff reject that there was a mistake in the planting, and now there could be a big bill. What do you think ?

1 day ago

72x bus route

Mayur from Howick

Hi everyone, I used to catch 72x bus to city until about 6 months ago. But last week, I could not find that bus on AT app. Has that route been discontinued?


4 hours ago

ReconnecTEEN group mentoring program

Ellie from Howick

Hey parents!
👋My name is Ellie, I am a youth life coach and work with boys and girls of all ages and walks of life. I LOVE my work and am so blessed to get to support the beautiful young people I meet.
🤩 One of the things that lights me up the most is witnessing our young peoples' transformations, like butterflies emerging from cocoons ... and from the work I've done so far this year, I have a feeling there will be a LOT of that to come!
January is almost over … which means that yes school is starting (who’s excited?) … However, even more exciting is that the ReconnecTEEN program is kickin’ off in a matter of weeks!!!🥳
I LOVE this new program! It’s like nothing I’ve done before - it's even juicier because I’ll be hauling in the GOLD from everything I have done so far in my coaching journey.
So, what is ReconnecTEEN?
To be able to give you as much info as I can in a nutshell, I’ve bullet-pointed some answers to questions I’ve recently been asked. You can also find out more: at thebigsisterproject18@gmail.com, or check out www.the....
🌻ReconnecTEEN is a powerful, deeply transformative group mentoring program, packed to the brim with love, knowledge & wisdom, space to play, connect, speak up, learn and teach, a whole lot of support and encouragement, and much more!
In February, a group of young people who have never met each other before will be stepping into an empowering journey of self-discovery, development, connection, and inspiration alongside each other.
🗣Every month, they’ll get daily support via a chat group, 2 x monthly zoom calls, and 1 x monthly face-to-face gatherings, that will enrich their lives in all kinds of ways.
Within the program, they will:
> Have access to different people who will motivate and educate them with worldly knowledge and skills, whilst leading them back to their own inner power in the process.
> Get to (optionally) make new connections who will possibly turn into lifelong friends.
> Have the support in ANY area they are finding hard to navigate in their personal life.
> Have FUN, be reminded how to connect with themselves daily, and feel at ease as they go through their ‘stuff’.
> Learn how to visualise and embody the life they want to create for themselves.
> Develop their confidence and strengths, with practical tools I will be teaching that I have developed from coaching, speaking, presenting/debating, teaching, writing, and workshop facilitation. They will also have an optional choice to practice those skills within the group or get some feedback from me privately.
> Understand more about processing emotions, releasing old setbacks and fears, and learning how to feel safe and grounded in the version of them that they dream of becoming.
> Have multiple people witness their potential, help them find their blind spots, and provide optional guidance for them from a new perspective.
🌷There is also no pressure for them to disclose or share anything if they don't want to. Simply being surrounded by others in a safe space can be hugely healing in itself!
If your teen’s name isn’t down yet, don’t worry, it’s not too late! Get in touch if this resonates and we can take it from there! 🙂