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Restoring Family Links via New Zealand Red Cross

Cat Finai from Citizens Advice Bureau Pakuranga/Eastern Manukau

People who have lost contact with family members in Afghanistan can contact the Restoring Family Links team via the online form on the New Zealand Red Cross website or by email at familylinks@redcross.org.nz and they will call back as soon as possible.

If the family member in Afghanistan is a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand permanent resident contact MFAT Consular Services, online by phone 0800 30 10 30, or by emailing cons@mfat.govt.nz.

If the family member in Afghanistan has a connection to the operations of the New Zealand Defence Force in Afghanistan, check the advice on the MFAT website

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1 day ago

Are you happy about the loss of 8,000 planted native seedlings?

Todd Niall Reporter from Community News

Kia ora Neighbours, A contested decision by politicians on the Upper Harbour Local Board to mow down 8,000 native plants and young trees, could bring a hefty bill. Council staff reject that there was a mistake in the planting, and now there could be a big bill. What do you think ?

5 days ago

Neighbor behaving badly !

Marie from Howick

So today my neighbor plowed in reverse through the fence in between our properties narrowly missing my daughters car, to my disbelief he then checks the back of his car for damage and just drives off and goes about his business leaving the broken fencing panels across our driveway blocking our cars in.
He does return a short time later, but no acknowledgement of the destruction he has just caused, no apology, no attempt to rectify the situation in anyway, just ignoring the fact and walking away.
So I asked him so what are you doing about the fencing his reply was "well its rotten anyway". ( rotten or not WTF... )
I said to him you will need to make arrangements to have the fencing moved as it is blocking our driveway / car, his reply was telling me
"well you FN move it then", both rude and uncalled for.
Not very neighborly thats for sure.
Sadly I ended up having to get my son to help me lift the pieces back over, a bit of a struggle but we got there.
I did notify the police and the landlord.

3 hours ago

Scenic summer running trails

The Team from Auckland Council

🏃 Escape busy streets and discover pockets of native bush, coastal views and refreshing green spaces when you tackle these running trails.