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Neighbourly's Good News

Barry from Cockle Bay

Fisheries NZ MPI are considering closing Cockle Bay for the collecting of all Shellfish for sustainability measures
Support this by making a submission
Email to :-
I support the 11a Closure of Cockle Bay
Give your details
Thanks Barry Wood

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Alicja from The Repair Shop - and more...

Good morning! For repair Jewelry box, small, but a lot of work
Have A nice day everyone

4 days ago

Could the geat Polynesian migration turn kids on to science and tech

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Like many, Sir Ian Taylor learned only at the age of 68 about the Polynesian migrations across the Pacific Ocean. He hopes a new education website will inspire especially maori and pasifika kids they have innovation in their DNA. Did you know the stories? Read below:

16 hours ago

Discount on Food at Cafes and Restaurants?

Jo from Botany Downs

Hi all! My son has been working on an app with his team at a startup and I thought I'd share a bit about it briefly!

It's an app available for android and iphone and it allows you to get discounts and sweet deals at over 100 restaurants and cafes in Auckland!

All you have to do is take a photo of your food and upload it to instagram in order to claim the discount.

This way you are helping local businesses by sharing it to your friend and also get a discount! (you are the word of mouth for them)

Check it out here: www.evouchapp.com...