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City of Auckland Singers on East FM on Saturday arvo

Phil from East Tamaki Heights

The City of Auckland Singers is one of the great Kiwi community choirs, and for its upcoming concert, two of its fine vocalists are talking about it on The She’ll Be Right on Saturdays with PJ Taylor on East FM tomorrow arvo.

Lyn and Chris Stevens are happy, active and involved folk in the eastern communities and they’ve been members of the City of Auckland Singers for as long as I can remember.

The mighty chorus, known as the Bruce Murray Singers for 45 years, has a liking for thoughtfully and tunefully reworking popular contemporary songs, as well as the classics.

“We’re working hard to present an enjoyable evening with an eclectic mix of modern songs, such as those by Ed Sheeran and Pink, a medley of 1960s music, a country medley and a range of popular songs and items - something for every taste!” sings Lyn.

The City of Auckland Singers’ concert on October 31 (Halloween) is in the acoustically superb All Saints Church in Howick at 7pm.

And the choir is so looking forward to exercising its beautiful, strong and harmonic talents.

“Like many others, our choir has been affected by Covid-19,” says Lyn.

“We’ve only had one concert this year at Sapphire Ridge in March, fundraising for our choir trip to Italy in June to represent New Zealand at a music festival with 1400 participants.

“Of course this trip was sadly cancelled due to Covid-19. Our other planned concerts were also cancelled.

“We’ve been rehearsing on Zoom which is not ideal, and finally now in level-1 we can meet in person to prepare.”

The City of Auckland Singers play All Saints Church, 17 Selwyn Rd, in Howick, from 7pm on Saturday, October 31. There’ll be raffles, CDs for sale and complimentary supper.

Entry is adults $20, seniors $18, and children free. Door sales (no eftpos). For tickets and enquiries, phone Raewyn on 09 521 4651, or Andrea on 09 537 4403.

The She’ll Be Right on Saturdays Show with PJ Taylor broadcasts on East FM from 3pm to 7pm (NZ time), on local frequencies 88.1FM and 107.1FM, globally at www.eastfm.nz... and on NZ app Radio Schmadio.

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Poll: Do you support a rates rise of 5 per cent in Auckland?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

Aucklanders will see their rates bills soar 5 per cent to help counteract a $1 billion fall in council revenue over the next four years.

The one-off hike, up from a planned 3.5 per cent increase, will add $36 to the rates bill of an average value home before annual increases return to the previous path of 3.5 per cent rises.

The proposed increase is included in the update of Auckland Council's 10-year budget, which starts in July.

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Would you pay 44 cents a week for more climate change action?

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Poll: Do you agree with the proposed congestion charge of $3.50?

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Drivers could be taxed $3.50 to enter the CBD during peak hour.

The congestion charge of up to $3.50 could be implemented within three years under a proposal unveiled by officials.

It is hoped a congestion charge would spur people to leave their cars behind but there are concerns those who are less well off could feel the pinch.

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