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3 days ago

Youths out damaging property Sat night

Helena from Bucklands Beach

School holidays have begun..... so two weeks of this to come. If you are waking up to damage, report it.
If you are a candidate with signs on Gills Rd roundabout - may want to check as witnessed some being damaged by same group. If you’re a parent and they look familiar - maybe a lesson on respect. This is the second weekend in a row we’ve had teen boys damaging property / cars.

4 hours ago


Kristina from Sunnyhills

Have you lost your pet rabbit? It is a brown-eared, cream coloured rabbit the size of a cat. If it is yours please contact Lyn on 021 038 1511 (Tercel Place).

4 hours ago

Doing the groceries? Can you spare us some extras for our food bank?

Maggie from Burswood

Hey Neighbours! We need your help! We work with several local communities that have been doing amazing work in providing food parcels for struggling families.
If you're in charge of groceries and can help us out, we'd love canned food, cereals, pasta packets and sugar. Every little bit counts :)
Next time you're out grocery shopping, think of us!