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Christina from Eastern Beach

HUGE GARAGE SALE on Saturday 23 November.

65 Oliver Road, Eastern Beach.
Time: 7am to 11.30am.

Lots of 50c to $3 items plus bigger items. Also fill a bag options. Come grab a bargain. We have bric-a-bac, household items, clothes, tools, some furniture, books, art, jewellery and much more. Please bring your own bag.

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"Tis the season to support local"


“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a central directory of locally-made, ethically-produced and upcycled gift ideas?

Well, hold the phone - Makers & Local by Ecomailbox have done exactly this, and it’s EPIC! There’s gifts broken into categories, DIY ideas, an eco advent calendar, social enterprises to support, low-waste gift wrapping inspo, and even gorgeous must-see beaches to explore over summer.

Plus 24 of NZ’s eco bloggers have shared their tips for a Merry Mindful Christmas. From great crafty activities, DIY gifts & acts of kindness to celebrate the festive month of December more mindfully and sustainably.

Read more in the Makers & Local guide now.
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Auckland bus strike: What you need to know

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

More than 70,000 daily bus trips could be affected by a suspension dealt to hundreds of NZ Bus drivers across Auckland. The suspension comes after tensions between NZ Bus and union members as they tried to settle on a new collective agreement regarding pay and work hours. Union members had been declining bus fares from passengers, and planned to do so until Christmas before the suspension began. Now drivers will go without pay until Christmas Eve.
NZ Bus' biggest area is central Auckland, all of the Link services, and those serving the main isthmus arterials to eastern suburbs and along Mt Eden, Dominion and Sandringham Roads, as well as some to the outer west and northwest, and on the North Shore.
How has the bus driver suspension affected you? Let us know in the comments.

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Is your computer slow?

Evan from Farm Cove

If your computer is getting a little slow but is only a few years old don't go and buy a new one yet. A simple upgrade of replacing its hard drive could save you a lot of money and bring the computer's speed up to where it was or even better with a solid state hard drive. If compatible which most are my promise is then to have everything exactly as you had it. From bookmarks, installed programs to all of your emails and contacts will be there afterwards, right down to the desktop background and windows settings it will be exactly the same all just on a much better and faster hard drive.

These new hard drives are much more reliable and shock resistant than the older type of hard drive. They can take knocks that would instantly destroy the older type even while copying files. The other danger with your old hard drive is that it is slowly wearing itself out. leaving your data at risk. One of the first signs of an aging hard drive before it goes completely and costing a lot of money to get the data back (can be over $1000 for this type of specialty recovery service)

So give me a call and lets get some speed and peace of mind back.
Evan Woodroffe 022 6242 172 EvanITguy@gmail.com
Late hours available too