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Auckland Council-Deteriorating Maintenance and Litter

Albert from Golflands

Just drive down Te Irirangi Drive these days in either direction and you'll notice curbside growth(no more spraying going on),rubbish,old vegetation and stormwater drains almost choked up with everything from cans to branches.Many street lights are not working and remain out for months.Litter patrols have stopped and street paint markings are fading to non-existent.Council contractors seem to be repainting only random lines or arrows here and there.Street and traffic signs are missing or defaced and remain so.Don't get me started on the massive potholes and lack of maintenance all around Botany Town Center carpark-one can hardly see the parking bay lines anymore.The potholes can rival any open cast mining operation.

What is going on with Auckland Council and these obvious massive cost cutting efforts? It seems like this Super Council cannot cope or they have hired really bad contractors.

If we do not look after the city infrastructure diligently,it is going to crumble fast under Auckland's harsh weather.In the long run,all these "short cuts" will end up costing Rate Payers more.

I have mentioned only Te Irirangi Drive,but the same deterioration can be seen on almost every road around Auckland.We are becoming a poorly maintained,filthy city.Not something to be proud of.

Aucklanders should do their share and stop throwing bottles,cans and take away packaging out of their car windows onto grass islands or along roadsides.Just look where it eventually ends up-piled up at stormwater drains.Some will make it into the ocean,but most will lead to road surface flooding due to blockage,rapid surface damage or maybe even property flooding if our trend continues.Stormwater drains should be clear for rain water run-off,not plugged up with cans,bottles,takeaway boxes and vegetation.

Come on Auckland Council and Aucklanders,take some pride in our City.Lets clean up our streets and keep them clean(put your rubbish in a bin at home if you cannot find one-don't just throw it in the streets-would you throw it all over your yard?).

Coucil should bring back the litter patrols.They DID make a difference.Also Coucil should not take short cuts when it comes to infrastructure on-going maintenance.Once you let it deteriorate too far,it will be far too expensive to restore:Hence the deterioration will continue.What an eyesore that will be.

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