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Dance Yourself Happy

Lindsay Upton from Manukau East Council of Social Services (MECOSS)

Dancing is often considered a recreational activity and all too often overlooked for the positive physical, mental and social health qualities.
Hosted by Mari Pettersson, 'Dance Yourself Happy' is held every Thursday evening from 8:00pm to 9:00pm in the All Saints' Community Centre at 30 Cook Street, Howick, Auckland.
You're provided with a great workout without the hassle of going to a gym or any equipment. You don't need any workout tools; you don't need any weights or machines or anything like that. All you need is yourself.

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7 hours ago

Will a young candidate encourage you to vote in October?

Todd Niall Reporter from Eastern Courier

Hi Neighbours, less than three months from October's local body elections, a wave of 20-something candidates around the country are helping each other in an unprecedented effort to have their generation at the decision making tables. If you weren't thinking of voting, will they inspire you? Read the story below.
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8 hours ago

Dog Wandering alone in the Macleans College area.

Rose Neighbourly Lead from Bucklands Beach

Hi Everyone,
This dog is walking around Macleans College, Macleans Road and in the vicinity of the Macleans Reserve without it's owner.

I saw it on Friday afternoon. By the time I drove around to try and befriend it , it had disappeared into the bushes.
I was driving on Macleans Road this morning about 10.a.m. and there it was again on the road, this time.

Tried to coax it to me but it took off onto the school grounds.

I got these photos, it is a bit scared but friendly and wont' come near me or let me near it.

Unfortunately even the tag in the photo is not clear enough to get the details off it to contact owners.

As I got closer it took off into the reserve.

If this is your dog that where I saw it in the last half hour or if anyone knows the dog or it's owners, please inform them.

17 hours ago

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