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Botany Town Centre Info Event - Friday 28 October 9am till 9pm

Lorraine Maguire from New Network- East Auckland

Our second to last information event is on this Friday at the Botany Town Centre next to Starbucks. We’re there from 9am to 9pm. If you catch a bus to and around South Auckland and need help working out your new bus timetable, then come along and AT staff will be there to assist you.

The following East Auckland bus services will not change: 500,501, 545, 550, 551, 552, 565, 575 and 589

All other buses that travel to and within south Auckland will change on Sunday 30 October.

The 580 service from Botany to Manukau
The 580 will travel the same route but will no longer stop at Leyton Way, outside the Westfield Shopping Mall in Manukau. The 580 will now stop and pick up customers at the bus stop located near the Manukau train station.

Need help and cannot make it to the event? Here are some ways that you can plan your journey before the changes take place on Sunday.

• Come along to the Otahuhu Bus Station community day on Saturday to get help from our staff.
• Look at the new bus route map at www.at.govt.nz...... to find your new route.
• Check the new bus timetable online.
• Use the online Journey Planner to plan your journey. It is important to select a date from Sunday 30 October onwards in order for the Journey Planner to display your new journey details.
• Visit an AT Customer Service Centre and our friendly staff will be able to help.

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What should we learn from 107 days of Covid-19 lockdown?

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Marie from Howick

I was at a local walkway / pond in Botany this morning and I suddenly heard a loud commotion of birds I could tell something was wrong because of the they were going off so frantically.
I ran to see what was wrong, as I turned the corner I seen a man with his dog, his dog on leash, leash in his hand and he was allowing his dog to attack / torment these poor birds who were so desperately trying to protect their babies.
Until he seen me that is. I told him that he is not allowed to let his dog attack these birds, they have babies, you are a visitor here and that I would report him.

This is what really got me, when I said to him " you cant let your dog attack the birds" he replies with, WHERES THE SIGN?. Are you ...... kidding me.

So apparently we need a sign to tell us that its not appropriate to let your dog attack the wildlife.....this is common sense to most.
Its a worry if he encourages his dog to attack birds its obviously not just bad for the birds as these are bad behaviors to encourage in any dog, what else could his dog attack.
He is a regular visitor to the park and that is what concerns me.
If you live in the surrounding area or happen to be walking in the area please keep your ears open and your eyes out.
It is a privilege to have access to these walkways and we do not want idiots like this ruining it for the rest of us and our dogs.

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Why it’s important to choose an executor for your will.

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When it comes to choosing an executor for your will, it's vital that you choose someone who will protect your legacy. A person you trust to fulfil your final wishes set out in your will. Scott Errington, Principal Trustee at our Timaru Customer Centre had a chat with stuff.co.nz recently on the importance of an executor for your will.
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