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Abusive behaviour in Johnsonville library

Carlos from Johnsonville

We've lived 4 years in Johnsonville and since we moved our 12y/o daughter has been regularly visiting and using the Johnsonville Library facilities to get books, join the clubs/activities (she had been to the coding and sewing classes) and also as a meeting point for after school.
Last week she had a short day at Raroa so she and 2 friends went to the library around midday. After 20 mins there, they were approached in an abusive manner by someone who identified as library staff, telling them that they were not allowed in the library and started asking them for their personal details (names, addresses, phones).
The girls were confused and scared at this stage and replied that they had a short day and been going there for years. At that time this person called security guards, started threatening them with calling the police for "truancy" and that were not allowed again in the building.
They had to leave in tears and spent the next few hours walking around in the mall, carparks and shops while parents could meet with them. They have not come back to the library since then.
Isn't the Johnsonville Library supposed to be a safe and inclusive community space PARTICULARLY for children? How on Earth can library staff send little girls to spend their time in malls and carparks instead?
Whatever the policy is, this is not the right way to communicate it and enforce it. We have sent a complaint to WCC as well.

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SPCA Pet of the Day: Meet Button

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Meet Button.

"Hey, I'm Button. I am a very handsome and lovable boy. I am a huge love bug and absolutely adore everyone that I meet. I would love to go to my new home where there is someone around for most parts of the day as I thrive on companionship and don't really like being by myself. I love playing with my toys and chasing them around my room. I would be okay going to a home with young children as they will be able to play with me, but they should know when to give me time and space to myself when I need it, and of course to be respectful of me. I would also be okay going to a home with another cat as I also really love feline companionship just as much as my humans. I would also be okay going to a home that has a calm and cat friendly dog. I do have a medical waiver that my new family will need to be made aware of but we can chat about this when you meet me."

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Grazing Options

Mark from Family Kitchen with Mark

Our recently launched grazing service at Family Kitchen has many options for grazing boxes, platters and tables.
Come visit us on the website and see the many options available.
www.familykitchenwithmark.co.nz... 😀😀

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Gary from Waikanae

Are you looking at alternative income streams to protect against the ravages of inflation? A Power Packed Informative Seminar to Reset & Prosper. Seating limited- please phone/text Gary on 0211155049
  • Room 4, Johnsonville Community Centre