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Cute Kitten black & white print and frame

Mela from Khandallah

Kitten in teapot black & white picture and frame (hanging hooks & thread on the back, so ready to hang). Excellent condition. Size: Height 32cm, Width 27cm.
If you love cute kittens, you’ll love this.

Price: $10

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3 hours ago

Poll: Should Wellington city councillors get a free lunch?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

There's no such thing as a free lunch, unless you're a Wellington City councillor.
Six years after Andy Foster led moves as a councillor to scrap catered lunches at committee meetings - saving ratepayers $40,000 - the new mayor has now decided to reinstate them. He said the backflip followed pressure from councillors, while also promising to spend less on the midday spread than previous councils. "People felt when you didn't have lunches provided on days when you were working through [into the afternoon], councillors tended to disappear all over the place to get lunch. It reduced team bonding." What do you think- should councillors get lunch provided?

Should Wellington city councillors get a free lunch?
  • 5.3% Absoultely
    5.3% Complete
  • 30.5% Only if it's a modest spread
    30.5% Complete
  • 64.2% No way
    64.2% Complete
95 votes
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Do more of what you love!

Malvina Major Retirement Village

We'll pull the weeds, so you can play with your grandkids.

Experience our retirement villages: youtu.be...

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Expanding sentences.

NumberWorks'nWords Johnsonville

We love teaching students how to expand their sentences! If your child needs help with sentence structure then give us a call!