124 days ago


Thanusha from Johnsonville

I am looking for Cherry Blossom flowers and this is for a special cultural ceremony which will take place on coming Friday (25th of Oct). If any one happy to offer the flowers kindly leave a msg.

Kind Regards


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1 day ago

Would free Sunday parking make you visit the CBD more?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Paid parking on weekends looks set to stay. Wellington Mayor Andy Foster campaigned on restoring free central city parking on Sundays, and included it in his "first 150 days" plan. But as the council seeks public engagement on a review of parking policies, Foster admitted he didn't have the votes to pass free Sunday parking. Would free parking make you visit the CBD more?

4 days ago

Venting kit

Briar from Ngaio

Long shot but we're looking for an F&P dryer venting kit... wondering if anyone has one lying around before we buy one new? Thank you

9 hours ago

Help with Samsung phone spam ad popups

Amanda from Ngaio

Anyone getting pop up ads from "pro marketing funnels" on their mobile and can give advice on how to stop them? Not a new phone, had for a few years.
Seem to have started since a software update 10 Feb. Don't have ad permissions turned on for anything that I know of. These are full screen spam ads that have just started showing when I activate my screen. I've since uninstalled recently added apps and run an app ad detector, but had no luck locating the cause or stopping them. Have googled and can find nothing on this (possible facebook page but of no help). Any advice appreciated.