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Poll: Do you believe Let's Get Wellington Moving will ever happen?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

The $6.4 billion Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) programme is under review, despite $4 million a month being leaked into the project.

Sources told Stuff the monthly cost was revealed to Wellington City councillors by a staff member in recent days, with one source also revealing the 20-year project was set to be reviewed. LGWM refused to comment on the monthly costs, but confirmed in a statement that three independent consultants are reviewing the programme.

Do you believe Let's Get Wellington Moving will ever happen?
  • 71.9% No - it is is an expensive pipe dream
    71.9% Complete
  • 18% Yes - it is a great idea
    18% Complete
  • 10.1% Not sure
    10.1% Complete
89 votes
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1 day ago

What would you do with a $13.3 million house?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A lavish home, believed to be the largest new build in Wellington in more than a decade, is taking shape above Evans Bay.
The five-bedroom, 1400-square-metre house in Overtoun Terrace in Hataitai will be fitted with two bars, an indoor swimming pool, work areas, massage and games rooms, a “great room”, and a home theatre.
It is being constructed on two sections of land, bought for $5.8m in 2016 by Wellington-based siblings Nigel and Susan Stanford.
The combined cost of the land and the house totals $13.3m.

7 hours ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Who recognises this famous photo from the Stuff archives?
Hint: It has come to represents a pivotal moment in New Zealand history.

2 hours ago

KCA Update - 2 New Board Members

Phil Davies from Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA)

Our charity has been operating throughout all levels of Covid-19 and have been super busy!

Our volunteers are feeling a bit frazzled as we have already surpassed the volumes of food collected in the previous financial year within 6.5 months of this financial year.

We are pleased to announce we have 2 new board members join our governance team.

I would like to introduce you to John and Victoria.

John is from Countdown and runs Countdown Johnsonville. We first worked with John when he ran Countdown Tawa over 5 years ago. He brings a wealth of knowledge from the food industry.

Victoria is from Foodstuffs North Island. Victoria and her husband John own New World Porirua. Victoria and John have been assisting KCA for the past 17 months. Victoria brings HR and health and safety experience with her.

We hope to have some exciting fundraising events in 2021 once recharge our batteries and get through this very interesting year.

Due to the housing crisis we are not collecting furniture and whiteware but are still accepting kids reading books, shoes, clothing, microwaves all in clean used good condition. It would be appreciated if items donated are still fit for purpose as they are passed on for free to clients working with our 74 partner agencies.

If you require food assistance, please go to your nearest foodbanks. KCA is a distribution hub to other agencies and groups. We don't work directly with the end recipients.