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Eye on Crime 6 December 2019

John from Johnsonville Community Policing Centre

In Johnsonville the garden of a house was entered and the following items stolen: a basket of pegs, garden clippers, a rake, a shovel, a hose with reel and timer and a box of smaller gardening tools. A red Volvo saloon parked during the day at the Johnsonville railway station had its rear registration plate stolen. An attempt was made to steal a silver Nissan Skyline saloon which had been parked overnight. A rear window was smashed to gain access. Pieces were removed from the steering wheel area in an attempt to reach the ignition wiring. The attempt to steal was abandoned. Nothing reported stolen. A Ford Falcon saloon parked during the evening outside the Johnsonville Club had its left rear quarterlight window smashed. A bag containing appointment diaries was snatched from the back seat. A black Toyota Corolla stationwagon was stolen.

In Newlands A grey Volkswagen Golf stationwagon parked overnight on the street had a rear passenger window smashed. The vehicle was not entered. A grey Toyota Vitz hatchback parked midday was reported stolen. It was located shortly afterwards. A white Mitsubishi Outlander stationwagon parked unlocked overnight in the driveway of a house was entered. Nothing reported stolen. A grey Mitsubishi Triton utility vehicle parked unlocked during the night in the driveway of a house was entered and a wallet stolen. The wallet contained bank cards which were fraudulently used at petrol stations in the Porirua area. A green Toyota Hilux Ute parked overnight in the driveway of a house was entered although no sign of force used. A USB charger with a phone charger plugged in, a Navman radar detection device and a $100 gift voucher were stolen. A silver Toyota corolla stationwagon parked on the street overnight had a left rear window smashed. A boom speaker was stolen by reaching in through the broken window.

In Khandallah access to a house was made via a smashed glass panel in a door. The victim’s bedroom was targeted and a quantity of high value jewellery was stolen. A water blaster was stolen from an open garage.

In Churton Park an activated alarm caused neighbours to phone the owner of a house who promptly returned home. Access to the house was through a smashed window in a back door. Stolen items included an Apple Macbook, charger and keyboard, a Bose speaker and charger, a Microsoft Surface Pro and charger. A green Mitsubishi Lancer stationwagon parked overnight was entered via a smashed left rear quarterlight window. The vehicle was entered and attempts were made to start it by tampering with the ignition. The attempt was abandoned. Nothing reported stolen.

In Karori a white BMW saloon parked on the verge had its registration plates stolen. These plates were later used on another vehicle which was involved in an incident.

In Wilton a black Toyota Rav4 stationwagon parked overnight was entered, possibly through insecure mechanism on a passenger door lock. Clothing items, swimming togs, alcohol and keys were stolen. A refrigerated trailer containing cherries and parked locked overnight at Ian Galloway Park was broken into. The combination lock was cut off. Several crates of cherries were stolen.

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Sue from Khandallah

Hi everyone, I’m James and looking for a place to stay from now until mid April in the northern suburbs of Wellington surrounding the Khandallah area. I’m an 18 year old tennis coach from the UK on a gap year before I head to university.

Preferably looking for a room with other flat mates with a budget of up to around $200 a week.

Please get in touch with anything you may have available.
Many thanks in advance,


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Try and watch the video without smiling...

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

The grey pavement, sky, and drizzling rain are no match for the fluorescent orange figure grooving to unheard music on the side of Wellington's Evans Bay Parade.
Follow the read more link to check out his moves.

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The Team from Readers Tours

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