179 days ago

Matariki Evening @ Greta Point Active Explorers

Center Manager from Greta Point - Active Explorers

Last night we came together with our Greta Point Whànau to celebrate MATARIKI!

Thank you to Jo, who put on the most amazing Food and the Kea tamariki for helping make the Matariki bread and preparing vegetables for the soup. Kia pa!

We hope you all have an amazing weekend and get out to enjoy this beautiful weather.

me te aroha

Greta point Team



5 Cups Flour

5 teaspoons Baking powder

600 ml milk

¼ cup sugar

Mix all ingredients together (do not over mix)

Put into a greased tray, brush with Milk

BAKE 180 for 1 – 1.5 hours


1 Cup chopped dates

¼ Cup Date Paste (purchased from the supermarket)

1 Tablespoon butter (or Margarine)

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 Cup boiling water

1 Egg or 1 Tablespoon Apple Sauce

2 Cups of self-Raising Flour

In a bowl add dates, butter, soda and date paste and boiling water. Mix to combine, allow to cool.

Beat in egg (apple) with fork and add flour, gently mix with wooden spoon,

Pour into greased pan and bake 35/45 min at 180C

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