22 days ago

Help identifying dead Cat struck on motorway off ramp south bound toward Jville/Wellington mid/late March

Heidi from Glenside

Hi there, we are searching for our ginger cat Miko, missing since March 22. I’ve received a text about a cat struck and killed on the Glenside/Churton Park/Grenada Village over bridge off ramp toward Wellington. This being on a Tuesday or Thursday morning after he went missing and before Easter. WCC have indicated they would have transferred the person calling to NZTA who can’t help me as they have no set date, caller name or job log number. If anyone else saw a cat killed on this off ramp and can help us know if i’s our boy or not, we would so appreciate it. It’s been a month and no sign, and we are pretty desperate to know either way. TXT 0274152236 appreciated.

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2 hours ago

Khandallah Play group

Katie from Khandallah

* Just a reminder that playgroup starts back next week *
You'll find the enrolment link in your inbox. If you'd like to join us for the first time or change days, you are very welcome to enrol on another day that suits you- just flick us an email and we will get you sorted 😊

3 days ago

SPCA Pet of the Day: Meet Charlotte

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

"I was a stray mum with kittens before coming to the SPCA.
Here's what my foster mum has to say about me:

Charlotte is a sweet wee girl, gentle and friendly with kittenish spirit coming through from time to time. She was initially nervous in her new environment, but patience and gentle encouragement has seen her become playful and sociable.

She likes being patted but isn't too fussed on being picked up and held (although this is improving) and isn't a lap cat at the moment. She spends some of her time in other rooms around the house but mostly likes company and comes when called.

She is an early riser and when she wants something can be quite vocal. She loves playing with small toys and moving things and gets quite absorbed watching action programmes on tv. A warning though, she loves electrical cables. She is a well adapted and house trained cat, and surprisingly, given her underlying nervousness, isn't scared of the vacuum cleaner, however I don't think she will like a rowdy household."

12 hours ago

What's On: AND LIFE GOES ON… Kiarostami

David from Brooklyn

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, a filmmaker returns to a remote Iranian village. “A lyrical exploration of both rural village life and artistic responsibility.” –NY Times. See https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
AND LIFE GOES ON… Kiarostami
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