27 days ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This should not be too tough. What are your favourite memories of this gentleman and his store?

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14 minutes ago

What's On: Our Place in the Universe

Rhea from Trentham

Free community talk about humankind's place in the universe - a picturesque journey exploring our area in space. Hosted by the Wellington Astronomical Society.
Our Place in the Universe
  • Upper Hutt Library
15 minutes ago

Warning for Lawnies

David from Trentham

Hi Team,

Just a friendly warning for all you lawnies out there. Don't take on any work for Harcourts real Estate, I have just been ripped off for $500 bucks by their client and they do not care one bit so while they are sipping their bottle of champagne counting their excessive commission, I am struggling to pay my bills or buy tyres for my vehicles. Just a Friendly FYI. Stay safe lawnies, b Rain.

16 minutes ago

What's On: AND LIFE GOES ON… Kiarostami

David from Brooklyn

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, a filmmaker returns to a remote Iranian village. “A lyrical exploration of both rural village life and artistic responsibility.” –NY Times. See https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
AND LIFE GOES ON… Kiarostami
  • Embassy Grand