45 days ago

Manor park flooding ford road ..

Paul Neighbourly Lead from Manor Park

Hi, The article written by a journalist at stuff.co.nz puts this far better than I ever could.. and I have witnessed both floods.
Please watch the short video clip .. it just shows how devastating the flooding is in their home.
This is the 2nd time in 3 years its happened, and we have lived here for almost 30 years. The new haywards interchange now funnels water volumes down storm water drains that spill out and floods properties on ford road and the adjacent flats in the Square.
Its bloody heart breaking to watch the families go through this a 2nd time.
The storm water drainage needs over hauling here in manor park ... With the new soon to be built 27 homes .on ford road and manor park road... This water has no where to go ... but into peoples homes !

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14 hours ago

What's your preferred peanut butter?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Premium and alternative nut butters - like Wellington's Fix and Fogg - have some of the highest sales growth at supermarkets nationwide. Have you made the switch to more artisan brands, or would you rather stay with the tried and true?

1 day ago

Eeling and Feeling

Sean from Akatarawa

This evening my partner was swimming in the river near our house. Some teenage boys came along, hunting eels. She spoke with them and said she liked having the eel(s) there. They said "the river is public" and proceeded to kill the eel in front of her. I am out of the area at the moment. I would like to find out who these boys are and speak to them about this incident, including my partner's feelings, and respect and consideration for others. Also, I don't know if these are long or short finned eels. Long finned eels are threatened, short are not. But mainly I am concerned about their disregard for my partner. They could easily have gone elsewhere at least. I am not out to "get" these kids, just confront them with their inconsideration and look at what could be done better. Do you know who these kids are? Want to talk? I don't really want a long comment thread and I probably won't reply to them. I just want to talk to the people involved.

14 hours ago

What's On: Cheeky, Classy and Quirky

Savannah from Ebdentown

Join Brendon Dooley in a must see show for the whole family, as he combines non-traditional magic, original quick wit comedy and more. Tickets $10. To book visit www.expressions.org.nz
Cheeky, Classy and Quirky
  • Expressions Whirinaki Arts & Entertainment Centre