97 days ago

Happy New Year🎉

Michelle Shailer from Creative

Hi Neighbours! I hope your festive season went well and your not too lost in the days between it and the new decade!

2020 will see me trying to be more active with my hobby creations around other commitments and work. I love creating bespoke pieces that are loved by customers and the people gifted to, so want to get more done this coming year than previous years have allowed.

You might not know what you want but we can talk about the person and come up with ideas. Our imaginations are the limit!! (Mines pretty active 😂)
Please give a couple of weeks notice so I can ensure it will be ready in time around other commitments 😊

There is no commitment necassary to discuss what might be right for you.

Oh look at you....still here reading 😂 Good on you. Heres to a Happy New Year and decade!! 🥂

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10 hours ago

Happy Monday

Quinton from Milson

Hope you have a good giggle like I did

2 days ago

Another possible SCAM

Lesley from West End

This is a precautionary post!!!
Yesterday one of my elderly Covid 19 phoning circle got a telephone call from supposedly “Work and Social Development” asking him as he was a pensioner did he live alone and did he need any help/assistance for shopping etc. He was a bit confused and told the man on the phone what arrangements he had in place.
He rang me and said that he thought it was nice that a government department was concerned about his welfare like that. I didn’t say anything to him but I immediately telephoned and waited approximately thirty minutes on hold on the Police 105 number. They took a note of my concern and then connected me onto another area to report and discuss the matter.
To the best of their knowledge they were not aware of Social Development or WINZ or any other Government Department making
such calls to elderly folks. However it would be noted and looked into.
Has anyone else had an experience similar?
Take care everyone, keep safe and PLEASE follow the rules
Lesley and family

1 day ago

Fly tipper/ rubbish

Paul from Highbury - Westbrook

Today sometime this morning but 11am someone put a bag of rubbish in the middle of our driveway. We have rang the pncc and they will look into. But what time of person would do this