222 days ago

Fejoa season ideas!

Michelle Shailer from Creative

Hi Neighbours! Time to share - whats your fejoa tips & ideas people may love? Share in the comments 🤩

We love feijoas and are lucky to have some abundant trees this year, although as seen here my gathering has been interrupted 😂🐈

Sometimes it can be hard to use them all and sharing is great. If you like to whip up a treat now and then or get *creative* in the kitchen, there's many tasty ideas for feijoas! Many are simple as adding to sponge or apple crumbles, pie, slices etc. Do you have a favourite blueberry muffin recipe? Try swaping out for fejoa!

Remember if you want to do any pruning or shaping, plan for end of harvest!

Share with our neighborhood in the comments what your tips and ideas are 😄

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2 days ago

Litter on our roads

Lynne from Shannon

I drove from Levin to Foxton yesterday and was absolutely horrified at the rubbish on the streets as you go out of Levin. There was McDonalds bags, Iarge plastic bottles, cans, energy drink cans, paper rubbish, coffee cups. People have just been throwing rubbish out the car windows. Our roadsides wherever you go are covered in trash.
It seems to me that the government should be spending money on educating people about littering, rather than banning stickers on fruit. People just need to stop making their rubbish someone else’s problem. Take it home and put it in your rubbish bin.

1 day ago

Primary and public health services move to Broadway

Alex Loo Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Morning neighbours,

A collection of Palmerston North's primary and public health services will reopen on Broadway next week at the refitted and extended former Returned and Services' Association premises.

Staff based at Health on Main employed by the primary health organisation Think Hauora, Te Tihi o Ruahine Whānau Ora Alliance and the Manawatū Horowhenua Tararua Diabetes Trust are on the move.
They will be joined by MidCentral's public health and child health services.

Do you think this move will be convenient for people accessing these services? Or are you concerned Broadway is already too busy as it is?

15 days ago

Parking Ticket

Debra from Milson

Today I got a Parking ticket from (Wilson parking) which is unusual for me. More unusual is that I got it for not putting up my Mobility Card when in a Mobility Park at Countdown Ranagitiki Supermarket. Yes I do have a Card and the mobility issue that says I can use these parks and am sure that as usual I put it up when I left my car. Strangely until today was unaware that Wilson Parking was monitoring these parks. How do I prove that it was up when they say it wasn't and I didn't find the ticket till I got home? For others, first off be aware someone is watching (Wilson staff) and you may get a ticket if you park in Supermarket Carpark Parks for obviously a variety of reasons.