693 days ago

Dr Seuss's Birthday!! 115 years wow! Timeless

Michelle Shailer from Creative

Tell us what your favourite Dr Seuss book or memory is in the comments :) (+special link below)

I don't know about you but I have always loved Dr Seuss's quirky creative books, from childhood into adulthood. Happy 115 birthday Wow!

It's so hard to pick a favourite - so many goodies - one of my favourite's would have to be the Sleep book, loved as a kid, never got old (still own it - no cover now)

To celebrate, download these awesome Dr Seuss assets and enjoy the timeless antics of the Cat in the Hat!

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1 day ago


Sean from Milson

As an every weekend Bunnings shopper I feel the need to share my experiences. Bunnings allows dogs on leads in their stores, I have seen dogs defecating in the aisles with owners wiping the mess but leaving smears on the floor, seen dogs climbing on the patio furniture displays and sniffing at the food displays at the cafe area.
I have mentioned this to Bunnings management and have been told that this is now their national policy.
My response as a shopper will be to answer with my feet and rather use the competition where there is a lesser health risk

2 hours ago

Stranger went inside our closed gate and knocked on our door around 9pm

Jan Michael from Levin

Just experienced it now, someone went inside our closed gate and knocked on our door. I asked him what he wants, he answered back, but couldn't get what he's saying. Told him to get out or I call a police and he was gone. Just posting this to let others be aware on our surrounding and to be safe within our own home.

2 days ago

A Happy Story from Michelle and Erick

Michelle from Linton

A Happy Story

Today we saved a little creature that had fallen into our pond over night. This is what happened this morning. I seen a small ripple in the pond water, for some reason i look out the window at just the right time .As we have frogs in the pond at first i thought it was a frog but then i seen what looked like a spikey thing swimming in the pond ,i then realized it was not a fish but a small hedgehog. I then yelled out to Michelle we have to save a drowning hedgehog in the pond. We both ran as fast a we could. Michelle got the the net and scooped him out. The poor little guy looked like he had been swimming all night. We put him on the lawn, he looked up at us, as if to say thank goodness you saved me! You could see the gratitude in his little face. He was absolutely exhausted and was shaking with being so cold. We took him inside, put him in a box, Erick kept him warm with a hair dryer and a heater. He had a big sleep and then awoke with a appetite. So we got him some cat food which he thoroughly enjoyed and then went into a bush and had another nap, and then later he was gone. Back to living a hedgehog life. 😁 The funny thing was he seemed to know we were there to help him and was extremely friendly toward us. The moral of the story is, every life is worth saving. A very happy ending, oh and by the way, the pond now has a make shift safety fence to protect the hedgehogs ha ha!

We named him Terry Flatwood. Don't ask us why


See the photo he has Ericks beanie hat to keep warm.