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Creative Merry Christmas

Michelle Shailer from Creative

Hi Neighbours! I hope the silly season isn't being too silly for you! Some have time some need time, either way DIY Christmas stuff can keep the kids busy, entertained (out of your hair) and help the fun and magic of Christmas.

Google searches will give you an array of ideas, projects, decorations and games. I found a couple of stuff.co.nz articles with some cool ideas I thought I would share.

- What to do with all those cards! See some ways to creatively display them here.
- Want to create your own paper baubles? Here are some great DIY ideas for that!
- There are 5 cute DIY ideas here.
- And who can forget Christmas Dough decorations - I remember them from school.
- Along with a wreath here are some more cool ideas.

- Even some festive colouring can be great to keep them entertained, decorate and give you some time, google images and many websites have great printable options here is a google search.

As adults often we are caught up in the stress and timelines of Christmas - remember the magic and help the next generation enjoy it, but hey don't forget to enjoy it yourself - that is what it's all about. :) I wish you all a very safe, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2019!

(I'd love to hear/see you ideas/feedback in the comments!)

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The Look Out! Performing Arts, Events & Entertainment Guide

Richard from Awapuni

It’s a mega-week on the Look Out! Performing Arts, Events and Entertainment Guide. The Palmy Comedy Festival will be loosening up yr laughing gear as a brimming barrel of top flight comedians perform multi gigs over multiple nights at The Globe.
The Royal New Zealand Ballet comes to town, while there are Christmas carnivals & markets galore, and the first of the Christmas parades. The live music scene also bursteth at the seams.

LO! Nov 12 - Nov 19.pdf Download View

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silent fireworks article

Xara from Awapuni

Paste this into google for the article.

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Cat dissapeared 6 weeks ago

Nelson from Aokautere - Fitzherbert

Forest hill road, aokautere area. Any info would be appreciated. Reward for return