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Should more supermarkets offer "quiet hours"?

The team Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Countdown will offer low-sensory quiet hours in its stores nationwide. These hours are intended to help families with children who are sensitive to surroundings, particularly those with autism.

Will this benefit your family? Should it be rolled out across other supermarkets?
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Measles epidemic: how are you keeping your family safe?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Measles continues to spread in Northland, with more than 90 confirmed cases. What are you doing to keep yourself and your whanau safe from this infectious disease?

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Geoff from Bay of Islands

“SHOP LOCAL” was the front page banner headline in The Bay Chronicle 7 November 2019.
First of all, I wonder if it was Shane Jones who said that Shane Jones is “regional economic development minister (which we already know) proud Northlander and champion of local business.” I wonder if we might see him up here during “Shop Local Week,” without a retinue of media to record his visit? Personally, I won't hold my breath, but, moving right along.

One good thing about “Neighbourly” it provides WE the PEOPLE with the opportunity to comment on things like “Shop Local” in more than the 200 words letters to the editor, which may, or may not, even get published.

Don't get me wrong, I support “Shop Local” 100% and I agree with Shane Jones when he says, in effect, “use it or lose it.”

I would be interested to know on what Steve Smith, Chief executive of Northland Chamber of Commerce, bases his assertion that “A dollar spent locally tends to travel around the local economy.” Does he have hard evidence to support his claim or is it just wishful thinking/hoping? How about it Steve?

The one thing that “the establishment” doesn't want to know about is the one thing that would make sure that money “stays” in the local economy and doesn't just “travel around it” is for us to create our own local community complementary alternative currency. DEBT and INTEREST FREE money OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE. Local currencies are totally legal and already exist even here in New Zealand. Local currencies are, of course, anathema (someone or something intensely disliked or loathed ) and Kryptonite to the present debt money fractional reserve, scam banking system.

One of the most successful local currencies in New Zealand is the “HANDS” one in Golden Bay Another one is “WAIS” in Wairarapa wais.org.nz... Here www.community-exchange.org... is a list of all the Community Exchange Syatems in New Zealand.

One of the most successful local currencies is “The Bristol Pound,” bristolpound.org... Back in 2014, the FNDC sponsored the far north resilient communities conference in Kaitaia where one of the main topics was local currency. A presentation was made on local currency to the whole council and all community boards after the conference and here we are, 5 years down the track and nothing has changed. I would like to think that now that we have a few new councillors, there might be at least one or two who might be open to the idea of creating our own local debt free money to work in tandem with the NZ dollar.

There are many benefits for the whole district from a local currency.

1)The FNDC could accept rate payments, as does the City of Bristol

2)It could help slow the rate of increase in FNDC debt

3)Local notes would no doubt be taken as souvenirs by tourists as was the case with the Totnes Pound www.robhopkins.net... About 25% of Totnes Pounds left as souvenirs which had 2 advantages . One was that the UK Pounds used to buy them stayed in the community and two was that they were able to print more local pounds. There is NOTHING to stop us doing the same here.

How about it Messrs Jones and Smith? Surely LOCAL MONEY would help LOCAL BUSINESSES!

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What's On: Whangarei Christmas Festival 2019

Tony & Alison Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

FREE Event - Bring the family to celebrate Christmas with our Community. Lots of fun for everyone.
Whangarei Christmas Festival 2019
  • Semenoff Stadium