59 days ago

My Nice Neighbour nomination

Wally and Hester from Flaxmere

I would like to nominate Dorinda, our unseen hero who cleans our streets in the vicinity of Palgrave Avenue in Flaxmere, Hastings.She always has a smile on her face and says she cleans up because she is proud of the area and wants to keep it clean

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5 days ago

Music blasting

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

Does anyone know where the music is blasting from, in Havelock North. It’s drowning out my brain.

5 days ago


John from Havelock North

Just prior to Christmas our neighbour had trouble with their water 'eating' through their copper pipe coming from the toby to their house. Not once did they repair the damaged copper pipe, but three times. Each time they repaired the line a new leak appeared. They then gave up and replaced the whole waterline.

Now we are experiencing exactly the same problem.

Has anyone else in Havelock North had similar issues due to chlorine being added to our water supply?