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3 days ago

Poll: Which sweet treat is your pick?

Megan Hunt from The Hastings Mail

Last Monday the leading story on our Stuff website was Whittaker's revival of the toffee milk chocolate bar.
This had us asking what sweet treats people would like to see returned next and what prized New Zealand lollies may have their production shifted overseas?

My family's favourite is the chocolate fish.
At Christmas and birthdays packets of the pink marshmallow shaped sea creatures appear for dessert, but also a variety of family challenges. These include holding the chocolate fish between the top lip and nose, like a melting moustache.
It was also the prize for player of the day during my school hockey days. If the versatile and much loved fish disappeared we would be crushed.

After much consideration I think the discontinued lolly I would like to see returned is pink Sparkles.
My father has thrown his weight behind the sickly sweet Dream white chocolate creme eggs which tasted like tinned condensed milk.

What would you like to see returned? Let us know below...

5 days ago


Paula Neighbourly Lead from Camberley

I have done 20 of these bags for Starship hospital. And now doing some for Nourished For Nil. Does anyone have any material and cotton they could give me to help me and my friend please any help with material and cotton would be great thank you. Please share with family and friends.