85 days ago

Market Stallholders

The Team from Red Cross - Hastings Service Centre

Are you a stallholder that would like to be involved in a new market for a great cause? or have wanted to try a market for your business?

We have a couple of spaces left for the Red Cross Mistletoe Market being held on Thursday 28th November from 3-8pm. The sites available are 1.2x1.2m, I do have 2 side by side if you require a larger site, but they are front facing only (no corner). Sites are $20 each, we have 4 left and when they are gone we are full!

For more information please contact amber.mcarthur@redcross.org.nz or 027 236 0559

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Brand new plant purchasing website in Hawkes Bay

The Plant Company

Looking for plants, lawn products, and garden inspiration? Wanting to find plants for a pool area, the front yard, to screen out neighbours, for hedging or looking for fruit trees? We have it!

Want to get inspiration and copy award winning gardens?

Got a big planting job? Add your items to your wishlist and contact us to quote for them.

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The Plant Company Team
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6 days ago


Lee from Akina

Hi all. A guy on Trade me is selling 'apparently' purebred Shih Tzu puppies (no papers). When I asked to see them he brought two along with him and he wanted to meet outside a business. He said he had to bath them before coming which I thought was a little odd but didn't read much into it at the time.

He turned up with them, they were very scared and placid (probably under the circumstances). I spent a little time with them. He was very keen (in his words) to get rid of them. He is not registered he said and didn't like the fees they charge etc. I don't know anything about that side of it.

So, my issue is..I said I would like to view them again as my friend was interested also. He rung me to arrange this, I did ask if we could go to where he lives to see their environment and maybe meet the parents, he was not going to have this at all! He hung up on me. I text asking if we were cut off. He then texted me saying he hung up because people have mucked him around and he was low on money in regards to the minutes on his phone. I would have thought you would have to have the funds to take care of animals in this industry.
He also had a go at me for judging him and said he didn't judge me when I told him about the neighbours dog killing my cat. Things have been put in place so that never happens again which he knows. I wasn't judging him, I just wanted to see where they came from.
I feel as a breeder he should be transparent in regards to the environment these puppies are coming from. I would have prefered to meet the puppies parents too. I also feel it is paramount for breeders to know that their puppies are going to a suitable place and environment which he never asked about. PLEASE ADVISE, isn't it good to find out the background of puppies and kittens etc ??? PS, Another red flag is that he/they have next to no history on their Trade Me account!!

20 hours ago

Trumpet stolen

Rhonda from Hastings Central

Hi all.
Posting on behalf of someone

My trumpet was stolen on the 10th of January, while I was passing through Taupo. It's a silver Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model 37. The serial number is 679102. Please keep an eye out, especially central North Island teachers. Any info would be appreciated.

If you know music teachers or band people, please let them know
It belongs to Michael Costello.


You can contact me if found or try the above link on Facebook.
Cheers Rhonda Diprose
Funeral Celebrant