59 days ago

No magic switch

Trevor from Havelock North

Why is it that a lot of people think there is a switch that will turn off the virus when we go into lockdown 2? They seem to think that as soon as the rules are relaxed that they can't catch it and can start socialising again.

Sorry, the risk is exactly the same as it was the day before. THERE IS NO "ON/OFF" SWITCH.

I urge you all to stay within the rules, keep your distance, and keep washing your hands. If this gets away again we will be living in a third world economy, our way of life will likely never return. Not in our lifetimes anyway.

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5 days ago

Garden shed

Max from Flaxmere

Looking for a garden shed if anyone wants to get rid of or sell please message me on here with price and pictures please

Thanks in advance

10 hours ago

How eco-friendly is your grocery shopping?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Most of us like to think we're doing what we can to lessen our impact on the environment, but how green is your weekly shop?

Beyond the eco-swaps you’ve probably already made, here are some of the least eco-friendly grocery store items to steer clear of next time you're loading up your trolley, with minimal disruption to your routine.

2 days ago

H E L P, WHITE SHIRTS NOW PINK..my boarder has accidentally turned his white expensive shirts light pink

Lee from Akina

We have tried bleach and friend powder (safe on colours). They are wet in a bucket at the moment and he needs them for work. Any suggestions please as haven't got much Googling it. Thanks in advance