64 days ago

Happy New Year Everyone

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

I wrote an amazing poem, if I do say so myself, to say happy new year to all, but somehow swiped it away and can’t recover it, so, I’ll just say..

As hard, strange, depressing, frightening and lost as the past year may have been, take it as a chance to learn how to have a better year, decade or life, from today.

We can’t appreciate the now, without remembering the then.
We can’t cherish who and what we have, without being aware of who and what we’ve lost.
We can’t build a future, without learning from the successes AND failures of the past.
Don’t try to forget the past. That’s how we repeat it.
Remember, learn and improve.
And understand, we are all on this same journey, to what and where, no one knows. But, we’re on it together.
Be your best you, and you try and do one good thing for someone each day, even if they don’t know it or you them.
Remember the past, live in the moment, build for the future.
Happy new year. And welcome to your new now.

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4 hours ago

Phone number for orders

Jolene from Havelock North

Hello there
My cell is 0221391288 for any orders
As this message system seems to be a bit delayed.
I sell out very quick, so text is much better.

1 day ago


Elma Pienaar from St Columba's Presbyterian Church

The monthly mini market will go ahead tomorrow, but with additional restrictions as required under Alert Level 2. If you feel unwell, please stay home and contact Healthline. Maintain good hand hygiene, scan the QR code, stay 2 meters apart, no more than 100 people at the stalls at the same time. Kia Kaha!

9 hours ago

Zumba classes

Dana from Awatoto - Meeanee

Anyone know of any Zumba classes happening in Napier? (Can't do Wednesday's).
Or, something similar?