59 days ago

Te Mata Peak Road is closed

Sandra from Havelock North

Te Mata Peak Road is closed to all but residents. Please respect.

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12 hours ago

If you feel that what is happening in NZ is "not right" - Saturday 10am to 12pm at the Napier soundshell

Jill from Karamu - Waipatu

Hi Everyone, there are things going on in NZ and the world that are (shell we put it) "Not Right". We are making a totally peaceful "standing together as one" (the people) on Saturday 30th May & every Saturday from here on in at 10am to 12pm at the Napier Soundshell, Marine Parade. If you are feeling like you wish to Stand and be counted, please come along on Saturday - if you can, wear a Yellow Vest and maybe bring a chair - join our FB group page "Hawkes Bay Yellow Vests" - hope to see you all there =

10 hours ago

Wanted Bunk Beds

Derek from Havelock North

Grand kids arriving from Welly in July.
Looking to buy single bunk beds.(metal or wood)
Havelock North 8758188

11 hours ago

Chlorine-free water taps

Karen from Havelock North

Just wanted to share that I just spoke to Matt Kersel, the water engineer at HDC, and he advises that they are hoping to open the chlorine-free taps early next week. Not written in stone, though. Perhaps if folks were to phone the council (871-5000) and express their appreciation for the taps reopening it would help firm up the date.