29 days ago

Fire alarm Havelock North

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

If you are aware of the fire alarm going off at the moment, I have called the fire service. They are sending a truck out to locate it, as it has not been reported. I don’t know where it is, just that it is lower than me.

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3 days ago

Check your Supermarket Till Receipt!!

Trish & Graham from Havelock North

How often do you check or even take your till receipt?
Today at New World in Havelock North I was charged for 11 Capsicum @ $1.99 each instead of 1!!!! and 2 boxes of tea bags @ $2.99 Instead of 1. A total of $22.89 over charged !!! How many times does this happen one has to wonder. I have found Havelock North New World to be the worst offender of this sort of thing. So check every item.

5 hours ago
5 hours ago


Elma Pienaar from St Columba's Presbyterian Church

The church reserves the car park for church use only for the funeral of Marion Lange today from 12.00 to 4.00pm.