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Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

I just read, in the Herald, that the government is planning on putting more cameras on the roads. That’s great, but wouldn’t more officers be better?!

Then there might be enough to stop some of the stupidest driving I have seen.
Like the young lady (?) driving with her dog on her lap, and one hand casually on its chest, as it hung out the driver window, as if she actually had any way of stopping it, should it decide to jump, or even as if she had any hope of controlling her vehicle in an emergency. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!

It’s a work/school morning, with kids and cars everywhere, and you are driving with a dog loose on your lap, and hanging out your window!

If this is you, or you know who it is, wise up. Pull your head in, and your dogs and put it in the back seat. If it won’t stay there, use a dog strap, available at any vets or pet store.

I wish I’d been able to get the licence plate number. That’s reckless endangerment, failing to control an animal in a vehicle, dangerous driving and pure stupidity, and a visit from a police officer could save both your, and anyone else’s lives on the road.

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Say goodbye to tyre waste


About 40% of the 6.5 million tyres Kiwis use every year are recycled, repurposed, or used as tyre-derived fuel. But the rest end up in landfills, stockpiled or dumped.

The good news is now there’s an easy solution to all that tyre waste. It’s called Tyrewise and is New Zealand’s first national tyre recycling scheme.

Tyrewise ensures that tyres in Aotearoa New Zealand are recycled or repurposed properly, saving millions from going to the landfill.

Find out more about the scheme online.
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Poll: Does the building consent process need to change?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We definitely need homes that are fit to live in but there are often frustrations when it comes to getting consent to modify your own home.
Do you think changes need made to the current process for building consent? Share your thoughts below.

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Does the building consent process need to change?
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Know Thy Neighbour? We are getting there!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We are loving seeing everyone's posts about themselves on our Know Thy Neighbour page.

Check out the neighbours in your area, you might find a walking group or choir to join and you might learn a few more neighbours names!

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