54 days ago

New old scam

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

Look out for a new old scan doing the e-rounds. My friend received this.

It looks like an email from Spark, telling the recipient (addressed simply as “Hello”), Spark is upgrading their email system, and to use the link to login. DON’T DO IT!

A few of tips for what to look out for with scams.
1) Not personally addressed to you.
2) not coming through directly from your account (I.e. My Spark or Powershop notifications).
3) if you click on the senders name the address isn’t from that company.
4) the email asks you to click on links in the email to take you to your account (most will say go to the website and login).
5) there is a time limit for the link or to act.

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3 days ago

New use for takeaway cups

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

I hate takeaway cups, but if we must end up with them, why not put them too good use. Mini greenhouses. They work a treat. My avocado stones are sprouting nicely.

9 hours ago

Coffee shops

Mark from Havelock North

Hi. Just wondering if there’s anywhere open for a coffee in village after 5 - not Maccas or a bar!

11 hours ago

Falls Prevention And Awareness Day

Administrator from Age Concern Hawke's Bay

Join us in CHB to learn more about falls prevention, our services and a Steady As You Go falls prevention demonstration!
Friday 12th of November 2021
Waipawa Library- 10am-11:30am
CHB Greenpatch- 12pm-1:30pm
* Spot Prizes
* Vouchers for FREE classes
* Meet the Team
Partnered with ACC