348 days ago

Why you don't need to buy new stuff for your home

Mr Rental Hawkes Bay

Fantastic article on Stuff on why you don't always need to buy NEW furniture.


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5 hours ago

The Virus

Grant from Raureka

Here's another question for everybody - is it time to start heavily fining or arresting people who are breaking the rules (such as people driving for no proper reason, going to the beach to surf or play, etc etc ). My opinion for what it's worth - they are putting their own families/friends at risk and by extension the rest of us - so fine them heavily (Minimum $500) or arrest if serial offenders. Why should the rest of the population be placed at risk because some idiots feel it's their right to do whatever they want at this time. Comments??

5 hours ago

State of Emergency

Les from Havelock North

Just heard Mototdrome Napier and Hastings advertising they are open over the lock down. I'm speechless!

13 minutes ago

Watch "Rude Dog Owner" on YouTube

Max from Flaxmere

For your the RUDE DOG OWNERS