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Steady As You Go

Health Promotion from Age Concern Hawke's Bay

Steady As You Go© is a unique community-based falls prevention programme using peer leaders and a central coordinator. 1-hour long classes are held each week for 65+ year olds. The exercises are designed to improve balance, leg strength, general fitness, and well-being. They were developed based on the University of Otago exercise programme by Professor Campbell and Dr Clare Robertson, physiotherapy, and tai chi.
Common activities such as walking, gardening and bowls may not maintain the leg strength and balance specific to preventing falls. Participants begin with a warmup in a chair followed by standing exercises, walking exercises, and ending with a warm down in a chair. A range of light ankle weights can be used for the leg strengthening exercises, and all participants are encouraged to work at.
Interested in joining? See the locations below for a location near you.

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