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We are Hiring!

Jenny Nilsson from House of Travel Jenny Nilsson

Are you an experienced Consultant looking to return to the travel industry?
Looking to work for a successful kiwi owned business....we’d love to hear from you!!

What’s on offer?
✅ Continual support & training – on and off the job
✅ Flexible hours available
✅ Opportunity to expand your knowledge
✅ Competitive market salary
✅ Excellent client base ready and waiting.

What are we looking for?
✅ A travel fanatic with personal travel experiences which you can draw from to create amazing travel itineraries
✅ Previous experience with Amadeus or House of Travel Systems (preferred)
✅ A well organized and efficient team member who values the importance of excellent customer service and teamwork.
✅ A commitment to constantly developing your knowledge of destinations and travel products.

We’re going places, so get in touch today and find out why NZ’s Best Travel Agency Brand is best for you! Apply online via Seek

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Do you know the answer?

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Could the jury service process be improved?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Every year, thousands of New Zealanders are called up to serve as jurors in the High and District Courts, and it's an important way to contribute to your country.

But for some, jury service can be a huge disruption and a financial burden. Do you think changes could be made to our jury service system to address these challenges?

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Keep yourself protected against Covid

Ministry of Health

It might not be making quite so many headlines these days, but unfortunately, Covid is still here. If you’re 65 or over, taking care of yourself is just as important as ever.

The good news is, keeping up to date with the Covid vaccine can help protect you from serious illness. It’s free. And recommended for you and many others as long as you haven’t had the vaccine, or Covid, in the last 6 months.

To book your vaccination, or talk to your healthcare provider.
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