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Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards - Cellar Door of the Year Winners

Jenny Nilsson from House of Travel Jenny Nilsson

We were thrilled to announce the winner of the Hawke's Bay Cellar Door of the Year Winner - Askerne Winery! If you are after great service and great wine check them out!🥂🍷

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Why is the...

Riddler from The Neighbourly Riddler

Why is the letter A like a flower?

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14 hours ago

Village centre now open

James Wattie Retirement Village

The anticipation has been building for our village centre which is now open at James Wattie Village. Residents are enjoying the full range of amenities including a café, swimming pool and spa, hair and beauty salons, library, movie theatre and much more.

The village centre is also home to our serviced apartments, as well as care rooms and care suites offering rest home, hospital and dementia care.

Click read more for information.

5 days ago

Poll: Are swear words no longer?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

In 2023, Apple amended its autocorrect function to allow Iphone users to freely use their intended word without mentioning 'ducks'. Is this a sign of the times? Are swear words no longer taboo in our communities or workplaces?

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Are swear words no longer?
  • 20.4% Yes - swear words don't phase me
    20.4% Complete
  • 48.8% No - it's still inappropriate to swear
    48.8% Complete
  • 30% It's depends on the word
    30% Complete
  • 0.8% Other - I'll share below!
    0.8% Complete
2620 votes