48 days ago

What type of wasp?

The Team from Wasp Wipeout

Hi everyone, today we are linking to two stories, one which explains the paper wasp which we find in abundance in urban areas, and the other which talks about the common and German wasp which dominates our forests and recreational areas. We'll also talk about how to deal with these nasty predators. If you destroy a nest, take a pic and upload your image with the hastag #waspwipeout! But be careful! For paper wasps click here: bit.ly... For common and German wasps click here: bit.ly...

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45 minutes ago

Come & have a go at PICKLEBALL - the fastest growing sport in the USA

Jill from Karamu - Waipatu

Hi Everyone
Come & try the most exciting game on the planet ""PICKLEBALL"" at 707 Sylvan Rd Hastings (behind Splash Planet) on Saturday from 1pm to 6pm (weather permitting). All you need is court shoes - the rest of the equipment is supplied. 1st day is free & playing outside is $2 per Morning/Afternoon (inside play is $5 as we have to pay for the hall) - Soooooo Cheap - See our Facebook page "Pickleball Hawkes Bay" for other days & times we play. If you want to be part of the fastest growing sport in the USA, come & give it a go. It is the most addictive sport in the world because it is sooooooo much fun. Bring a friend along & come & have a go. Especially good for ex Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, & Squash players who can't play any more due to body parts packing up.

8 days ago

Fruit tree thefts

Georgia May Gilbertson Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

We've been hearing reports of fruit trees being stripped across Hawke's Bay on residential properties, orchards and school grounds. Have you been affected by this? Please comment below.

1 day ago

Police address concerns about gang tension

Marty Sharpe Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

Source of gang problem in Hawke's Bay 'well beyond the police', says area commander.