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MENZSHED, Hastings. Container. and Building

Ric Coleman from MENZSHED, Hastings.

After being in the chair for just over 18 months now, and being digagnosed with Terminal cANCER, I have to hand over to Robbie: 06 875 0931 and the rest of the team. Same support, and quality of work. Thank-you everyone for your support

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Reminder - This Sunday - Public Lecture by World Expert - '5G Technology - Is it Safe? - what does the science tells us?' - Iona College, Havelock North - 3.30pm

Melanie from Havelock North

Professor Dariusz Leszczynski - Public Lecture

'5G Technology's Impact on Health and the Environment'

Sunday 24th November

3.30 - 5.30pm (doors open at 3pm)

Iona College - The Blyth Performing Arts Centre - 42 Lucknow Road, Havelock North

Cost: $5 to cover expenses

The rollout of 5G EMF technology by telecommunications companies in 2020 on the whole of New Zealand is without public consultation or consent.

Contrary to what is being reported in the media - 5G is not "just" the next step in mobile phone technology - there is significant scientific research that raises legitimate concerns for the health and safety of our community from this untested technology.

Current policy allows high density 5G antennas and cellphone towers to be installed everywhere for the proposed Internet of Things (IoT).

Visiting guest speaker Adjunct Professor Dariusz Leszczynski, will talk on research evidence about biological and health effects, about the precautionary principle for EMF and about research that has been done, and not done, on 5G millimeter waves.

Professor Leszczynski is an internationally recognised expert in the health effects of wireless radiation, with doctorates in molecular biology (DSc) and biochemistry (PhD). His twenty-plus years with the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, where he was responsible for research on biological and health effects of non-ionizing radiation, make him uniquely placed to offer informed commentary on the potential adverse health effects of 5G. He is a most experienced and considered speaker on this topic.

Dr. Leszczynski says, ““In my lectures I will present the current scientific knowledge as well as the current lack of scientific research on the biological and health effects of the 5G millimeter-waves. I will also present the evidence, and the reasoning, for the invocation of the Precautionary Principle and for the temporary moratorium on 5G deployment, while awaiting for the much needed scientific research on millimeter-waves.”

Professor Leszczynski will be joined by Environmental Lawyer, Sue Grey, for a Q & A session afterwards
This promises to be a really informative event on an issue that is going to affect all New Zealanders.
We hope you can join us.

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Consumer NZ says nine out of 20 sunscreens don't provide protection they claim

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Does the sunscreen you use offer the protection it claims on the label?

Consumer NZ has found nine out of 20 sunscreens they tested do not.

To read more, click here.

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Political messages on Neighbourly

Lavinia from Havelock North

Recently I was surprised and disappointed to get a personal message from the Labour Party - Jacinda Adern via Neighbourly. I view Neighbourly as a Community asset and don't want it to be a door to me for political messages. Obviously Neighbourly have allowed them access to my personal details which I object to. Bad call Neighbourly!! Please block me from receiving future such messages.