63 days ago

2 wooden beer crates needed

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

Does anyone have a couple of beer crates they need or want to get rid of?

I need a couple to make a small entertainment centre that can sit on a set of drawers.

I’m giving away the tv cabinet we have as it’s too big to fit in the room. Now I just need to replace it with something smaller.


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45 minutes ago

I got a message from Jacinda Adearn

Barbara Neighbourly Lead from Raureka

I got a message through Neighbourly from Jacinda Adern. It was addressed to "Dear Barbara". Yes thats me. The message was a question. "What do I love about New Zealand? The only problem was there was no way I could give my answer as there was no reply box at the end of the message. !! So I have to ask how important was my response. If I am asked this question from our Prime Minister I would like the opportunity to answer it so here goes.
I love New Zealand and am proud to be a New Zealander. I have been overseas to the far ends of the earth so to speak and there is nothing like our country or our people as far as I could see. The End
PS. I hope Neighbourly forward my response to Jacinda otherwise she may think I am ignoring her.

8 hours ago

Winner Announced!

Cole Murray

We caught up with the winner and delivered our Eco Kiosk Hamper on Friday, following on from the HB Women's Lifestyle Expos NZ. It's definitely nice to be the bearer of good things!

Congrats Jo-ann Paton, we hope you enjoy the goodies and wish you the best for your financial journey.

- Jac & the Cole Murray team

7 hours ago

KEA Kids News: Girl's anti-dog attack petition

The team Reporter from Stuff

In today's news, Awatea Moeke, 9, has gathered over a thousand signatures calling for a law change after her pet ram was killed by a dog.

KEA Kids News is current affairs for kids by kids. Our young reporters find stories that connect with 7 to 11-year-olds to help tackle tough issues in ways you can share with your whole family. Find out more here.